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DROP: Unlocking the Magic of 90s R&B Love: The Love Beats Date Night Program

"Wassup, Wassup, Wassup!", fellow 90s babies! TaChé here, your go-to creative love coach with a serious soft spot for that nostalgic 90s R&B love era. I know we've all seen those memes floating around about wanting a 90s R&B love story in the modern age, and it got me thinking - what is it about that era that makes us crave it so. damn. bad? Here's my take:

1. Intense Passion:

Back in the day, 90s R&B was all about pouring your heart and soul into love. The passion was undeniable, and we can't help but long for that intensity in our own relationships.

2. Vivid Expression:

The lyrics and melodies of 90s R&B were like a vivid painting, beautifully capturing the emotions we all felt. We yearn for that level of expression, where love is spoken in every word and note.

3. Bold and Straightforward:

No beating around the bush in the 90s! Love was served up with a side of boldness and directness. We miss that straightforward approach to romance, where there was no room for confusion or mixed signals.

4. Music That Set the Mood:

Let's be real - 90s R&B had some seriously sexy jams. It was the soundtrack to many intimate moments, and we can't help but crave that same vibe in our own lives.

But here's the thing - we can't ignore the toxicity that sometimes came with that era. If we truly want to achieve that 90s R&B love today, we have to acknowledge and address the darker side of it as well to ensure that we have the tools & support team to navigate the lows effectively.

That's where the Love Beats Date Night Program comes in. It's a coaching program that combines my fun and creative date night activities with relationship coaching, helping you achieve that intense, passionate, soul-shaking love you've been yearning for.

Together, we'll dance, write, plant, dine, paint, sip, and explore every corner of intimacy and sexuality, all while being inspired by the magic of 90s R&B. It's a journey that will bring you closer to the love you desire, while also ensuring a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

So, my fellow 90s lovers, let's turn up the volume on our love lives and bring that 90s R&B magic into the present. Join me in the Love Beats Date Night Program and let's create a love story that would make our 90s selves proud.

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