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Welcome to The Dance of the Universe. You are not here by mistake. You have been looking for ways to express, release, and connect with your sensuality. "Sensual dance & teaching are gifts given to me from the divine and in service to her, I wish to share them with you."


Presented by Tachelabelle,
Founder & CEO at DOTU

Whew! What a ride. Dance has literally carried me through life from a young age. I have found fulfillment in expressing my art with various artists, showcases & special events throughout the country, and within teaching dance classes to adults and children at various studios. that experience along with my spiritual journey have led me to a path that will allow me to continue to grow in my craft but, more importantly to give back to those that are on the same path. i feel that dance & teaching are gifts given to me by the divine and in service to her, i wish to share it with you. I am excited about this new chapter and to nurture a safe space to dance with our inner child. Special thank you to everyone that has added value to this journey & I hope that you will continue to do the dance of the universe.


In this program we will address four levels

Intuitive Movement
Level One

We will set our intentions for the class, utilize transformative, intentional movement that feels good to your body, looks clean and sexy, and makes you more aware of and proud of your space.

Dance Alchemy
Level Two

We will integrate sacred instruments, partner dancing, guest speakers, and learn how to release trauma through

sensual movement.

The Dance of the Serpents
Level Three

Through dance we will move energy more intentionally through our womb/sacral chakra unlearning the toxic programming that diminishes or denies the sexual aspect of existence.

Esoteric Rhythms
Level Four

Like a final project we will host an Intimate Rites of passage ceremony. We will co-create a sensual movement piece that represents your journey in the program and invite our closest loved ones to celebrate your moment of ecstacy.

It is highly recommended that you start at level one and complete all four levels to achieve desired results and take full advantage of what the program has to offer. The courses are currently buy 3 get 1 free.

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