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The Art Center

The Art Center is a center curated with Art, Love, and Entrepreneurship in mind. It is conveniently located on Capital Blvd. in Raleigh, NC.  This creative safe haven can be rented for rehearsals, classes, events, small business workshops, corporate meetings, baby showers and more. Scroll down to the bottom to check out our upcoming classes and events.


Virtual Tour

While we would much rather meet you in person, we do understand the of value knowing what to expect. We have curated a brief virtual tour for your convenience. To schedule an tour in person, please email


Studio A

This event space creates a blank canvas for creativity to thrive. By simply hanging curtains to cover the mirrors, the ambience can be instantly elevated to exude a sophisticated atmosphere. Studio A can be curated to accommodate a wide range of events such as fashion shows, baby showers, artist rehearsals, and countless other possibilities. Let your imagination run wild! We even provide excellent settings for networking events and corporate gatherings.



Studio B

Located on the second floor of the Art Center is Studio B. This is the perfect space for more intimate gatherings, classes, and small business education workshops. 


Studio C

The media room is perfect for content creation, photographers, videographers, models, beauty vloggers, maternity shoots, and even podcasts


The Month's Events

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