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The Pillow Talk Experience

Listed rate is for TeePee setup, pillows, blankets, and conversation cards. Additional items can be added on with under the "Add-On" Category.

**Price includes a refundable cleaning fee of $50**


All relationships take unified labor, which means that both parties must do the work to contribute to the success of the relationship. Pillow talk is a creative & therapeutic safe space to discuss relationship maintenance. Intimate Remedies combines a cozy atmosphere with fun & engaging exercises that support your relationship goals.


Find security in the fact that you have a support team rooting for your love. We have love doctors available that can come and host your pillow talk session which makes for a more interactive experience. When extra support is needed beyond that, we can refer you to our friends, Monwasha, founders of The Black Love School. Feel free to visit

The Pillow Talk Experience

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