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Relationship Renegade: Embracing Non-Monogamy & Self-Love

In the past, the concept of "focusing on yourself" felt like a solitary journey, casting shadows of loneliness and the daunting quest for external love. The question lingered: how could genuine connection be found within oneself?

Recently, a deliberate decision to take a relationship sabbatical with one of my love interests led me to an unexpected revelation – a call to turn inward, a journey that now feels not only necessary but empowering.

I've come to understand that being in love requires being in love with oneself. Love's blessings emanate from the depths within, creating a magnetic force that draws in those who resonate with that space. This period of introspection is an opportunity to cultivate the love space within, setting the stage for a connection that aligns with my authentic self.

This season is all about dating myself – a deliberate effort to build up the parts of me that I cherish and bid farewell to aspects that no longer serve my growth. The roadmap includes solo adventures with God, communing with nature, breaking a sweat in workouts, exploring new destinations, dancing freely, and actively crafting my love life based on the elements within my control.

I am a leader, a creator of my own destiny, and my essence exudes a magnetic allure. This time of solitude serves as a canvas to integrate the lessons learned from past experiences, propelling me forward to fulfill my purpose and bask in the blessings of love.

The next chapter promises to be more significant and fulfilling, guided by the wisdom acquired along the journey. Asé ✨

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